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Meaford Public Library 2015


THE DEFENDER: Cindy Lou LeDrew

Meaford-Cindy-Lou-LeDrewProudly from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cindy now resides in the lovely rural community of Meaford. She has been a Library Assistant at the Meaford Public Library for the past three years, working at the front-desk main circulation and in charge of Inter-Library Loans.

She is an avid reader, and her favourite author is Stephen King. A friend, a fellow librarian, recommended The Virgin Cure to Cindy, and she decided it would be a great book to defend for Georgian Bay Reads. It is one of her top recommended go-to novels for patrons looking for something different to read.


THE BOOK: The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay

Meaford-Cindy-virgincureThis story of a young girl abandoned and forced to fend for herself in the poverty and treachery of post-Civil War New York City is a resonant tale inspired by Ami McKay’s own great-great-grandmonther’s experiences as a pioneer of women’s medicine in 19th century New York.

The author brings to light the story of early, forward-thinking social warriors, creating a narrative that readers will find inspiring, poignant, adventure-filled, and utteryly unforgettable.

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