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Collingwood Public Library 2018

THE DEFENDER: Catherine Gildiner

Catherine Gildiner has written the best selling childhood memoir titled Too Close to the Falls. It was on the Toronto  Globe and Mail’s best sellers’ list for an amazing 157 weeks and the New York Times list as well. A decade later, she published a sequel, a teenage memoir of life in the 60’s called After the Falls. Then she wrote her third and final memoir called Coming Ashore, which covers her life as a student at Oxford in England, teaching in the burning ghetto in Cleveland, and finally her graduate school years in Toronto. She has also written Seduction, a novel about Darwin and Freud, which has been an international bestseller and was listed by Der Spiegel in Germany as one of the year’s ten best mysteries.



THE BOOK: Dance of the Happy Shades by Alice Munro

Alice Munro’s territory is the farms and semi-rural towns of south-western Ontario. In these dazzling stories she deals with the self-discovery of adolescence, the joys and pains of love and the despair and guilt of those caught in a narrow existence. And in sensitively exploring the lives of ordinary men and women, she makes us aware of the universal nature of their fears, sorrows and aspirations. (